Italian Magazine

From ruin to riches. The story of the development of Casal dei Fichi and some of the Italian adventures along the way!

Italy Magazine

An olive scented weekend. The delights of Casal dei Fichi’s olive themed gastromonic weekends.

The Observer

A taste of Italy at harvest time. A gastro-olive holiday in Le Marche with Casal dei Fichi

Homes Overseas Magazine

La Dolce Cheaper. An article on the advantages of Marche featuring a case study on our restoration project.

il Resto del Carlino

Gli inglesi propongono visite nei Fermano. Casal dei Fichi arranging tours of the region. (in Italian)

The Observer

Extra virgin Italy. Recommending our luxury olive breaks.

The Guardian

Flying Visit Le Marche. Further recommending our luxury olive breaks.

The Independent

Mi casa su casa. How satisfied customers and positive reviews help Casal dei Fichi build a successful business.

Italy Magazine March

Infinite Landscape. Highlighting the attractions of Marche and recommending Casal dei Fichi as a perfect place to stay.

The Italian Magazine October

Making it in Le Marche. Building the business of Casal dei Fichi

Rai3 TV News

Featuring our hard work alongside the Italian builders during the restoration process of Casal dei Fichi. (video in Italian)

Pensiero Londinese

Executive coltivatori. Bob and Ian working the land in Le Marche.(in English)

Francavilla School Magazine

Prossimamente a Francavilla. Budding journalists investigate why 2 Brits would want to move to Francavilla d’Ete! (in Italian)