Italian Magazine

From ruin to riches. The story of the development of Casal dei Fichi and some of the Italian adventures along the way! Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Italy Magazine

An olive scented weekend. The delights of Casal dei Fichi’s olive themed gastromonic weekends. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Observer

A taste of Italy at harvest time. A gastro-olive holiday in Le Marche with Casal dei Fichi Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Homes Overseas Magazine

La Dolce Cheaper. An article on the advantages of Marche featuring a case study on our restoration project. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

il Resto del Carlino

Gli inglesi propongono visite nei Fermano. Casal dei Fichi arranging tours of the region. (in Italian) Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Observer

Extra virgin Italy. Recommending our luxury olive breaks. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Guardian

Flying Visit Le Marche. Further recommending our luxury olive breaks. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Independent

Mi casa su casa. How satisfied customers and positive reviews help Casal dei Fichi build a successful business. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Italy Magazine March

Infinite Landscape. Highlighting the attractions of Marche and recommending Casal dei Fichi as a perfect place to stay. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Italian Magazine October

Making it in Le Marche. Building the business of Casal dei Fichi Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Rai3 TV News

Featuring our hard work alongside the Italian builders during the restoration process of Casal dei Fichi. (video in Italian) Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Pensiero Londinese

Executive coltivatori. Bob and Ian working the land in Le Marche.(in English) Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Francavilla School Magazine

Prossimamente a Francavilla. Budding journalists investigate why 2 Brits would want to move to Francavilla d’Ete! (in Italian) Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter