Hi, we are Bob and Ian and 15 years ago we realised our dream, abandoned the London corporate rat race, and moved to Le Marche in Italy. The restoration was a labour of love and after two years working with local craftsmen we started welcoming guests to Casal dei Fichi. 

In that time we have developed a real passion for the area with its magnificent beaches, dramatic mountains and restorative countryside. Add to that the warm and friendly people who have embraced us into the community and shared with us the great food, wonderful restaurants, vineyards and treasures of the region and you will understand why our guests envy our lives.

Whether you are a couple seeking an intimate get away or a family in search of a great holiday we look forward to welcoming you and help you discover your own Marche. For a week or so, we can help you to share in our dream.

For 2 city boys having lived in London, Manchester and Silicon Valley the move to the country proved a much bigger life change than moving to another country. The language was a challenge but in an area where English is hardly spoken (sophisticated Tuscans will tell you that neither is Italian) we soon had to learn, how else can you forge real friendships?

We live on site with our dogs, Jakes, Obi and Sofia and our cats Yargo and Desdimona. They along with us will make you very welcome when you visit.

Even after 250 of them, one of our great pleasures is the weekly pizza party with our guests. We are told it is often one of the highlights of the guests’ stay. We really enjoy getting to know our guests and helping them plan their stay – hosting is a massive pleasure for us, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Guests have expressed it in many different ways but we aim to be, as one guest put it, ‘always available but never intrusive’.

Our other passion is about making Casal dei Fichi as environmentally sustainable as possible. We know we have our part to play whilst at the same time never compromising on the luxury and service. If you stay with us you will see this theme in everything that we do.

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Why environmental sustainability is at the heart of Casal dei Fichi