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Combatting climate change one plate at a time - by planting trees!

 We are Bob and Ian, owners of Casal dei Fichi, and we do our best to be active and responsible members of the local and global communities. We have worked hard to make our business and your holiday environmentally friendly.
We are all aware of climate crisis which is devastating our planet in unprecedented ways. One way of ameliorating the effects of this change is to plant trees. Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide and give out healthy oxygen. We have therefore teamed up with Ecologi and  Treedom plus some local restaurants to plant trees. This is how the schemes works.
Method One
We have selected a small number of excellent restaurants from our recommended list of great places to eat nearby. If you visit one of these restaurants during your stay and take along a card that you will find in your apartment, the restaurant will give you a discount off the cost of your meal. We simply ask that you then pass that discount on to us at the end of your stay and we will add our own contribution.  All this money along with that from other guests’ participation is passed to Ecologi and Treedom who will plant trees on our behalf.

Through this arrangement we collectively help the planet by planting trees – simple!

Method Two

Also tipping in Italy is neither common nor expected. All the restaurants that we recommend endorse our suggestion that instead of leaving a tip you make a contribution to plant trees. Simply pass the money to us and we will add it to the €5,000 that we have we have already donated to plant more trees.

We know that we need to make a difference at this critical time. We call this initiative Tipping Point. We hope that you will agree that this is an easy way for you to really make your holiday super eco-friendly.


We hope you will agree that these are simple but effective ways for you to participate in greening our world without any cost to you – you simple dine out and the restaurant and us take care of the rest!

Please check out our pages on the Ecologi and Treedom websites where you can see what we have done to date and where the trees are planted. To date with the help of restaurants and guests we have planted over 10,000 trees, enough to absorb 300,000 kgs of CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who participated.

In 2022 we aim to do much more, we hope you will help us.

You can also use the sites to calculate how much CO2 you produced today or learn more about how farmers are being helped around the world to plant and care for trees.

Are you concerned the the impact of your flight on the environment? 

We are proud to be one of the founding members of The Star Throwers. An organisation dedicated to  encouraging the act of giving back by holiday rentals owners to a community project that needs support. The Star Throwers finds these gems and encourages property owners, like ourselves, to develop these plans and ideas to make them really impactful. We want to spread the word and  facilitate other hosts  to replicate or innovate making their own Star Thrower project.

When we chose Casal dei Fichi we thought we were doing something good for the Earth, we could not expect how good it would have been for us!

Alessandro, Tripadvisor Review 2020.

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