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When you book to stay with us we will make a donation of €15 to combat climate change by planting trees. So far we have contributed over €5,000 to plant more than 2,000 trees.  Your booking will also include a discretionary €15 climate supplement. Our joint €30 contribution will make your holiday much more environmentally friendly. If you do not wish to pay this small amount to partially offset your carbon please let us know.

Carbon offsetting works by calculating how much carbon was used for your flight or car use. This is expressed in kilograms or pounds of carbon per person and can be offset or eliminated by planting trees which then absorb carbon as you can see in the diagram above.

 myclimate.org  allows you to quickly calculate the carbon use on your holiday. For example we can plant  trees on your behalf for €10 which offsets 500 Kg of CO2 (the broad equivalent of one return flight in Europe)

Thanks for your support

‘In these times when many of us may feel a bit queasy about the foreign travel aspect of holidays, they’ve worked really hard to find ways to ensure the negative effects of this are offset as much as possible.’ Jo, Tripadvisor review 2019.

On 14th January 2020, a group of tourism organisations and individuals signed Tourism Declares — uniting the travel industry in declaring a climate emergency and acting accordingly.

At Casal dei Fichi we believe that tourism can have a hugely positive impact. With care and consideration it helps develop and support local communities, allows cultures to be maintained and educates and informs those who travel.

However, paradoxically, it is also contributing to the climate crisis. In particular, the CO2 emissions from flights and over-tourism are having a very negative effect on our world.

We are signing this declaration and agree to these five Tourism Declares commitments:

  1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’
  2. Share our commitment and progress publicly
  3. Cut our carbon emissions in line with IPCC advice(stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming).
  4. Work with others in the travel industry
  5. Advocate for change throughout the travel industry

These are grand statements but essentially what it means is we need to do more to lessen our impact on the planet and we will be publicising our further steps as we go along.

January ’21 Update. We will be publishing our detailed carbon plan by March ’21.