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Our Sat GPS co-ordinates

43,10'27" N; 13,32'02" E
(top of our long drive)

Our Address

Contrada Pieve Vecchia 25, Francavilla d'Ete 63816 (FM)

Directions from Ancona Airport

Follow the green signs for the A14 toll motorway, its only a few minutes from the airport.

On the motorway take the left fork and head south towards Bari/Pescara and not north towards Bologna. Follow this route south for 20 minutes (three junctions) and come off at the exit marked Civitanova/Macerata, pay at the barrier (approx 3 euros). Approach a roundabout, go left (*) and after 30 seconds you will see a slip road to the right signed ‘Macerata’ take this and you are on a fast dual carriageway which takes you inland. Follow this road for 20 minutes and then take the exit marked Macerata Sud / Corridonia ( there is a secondary sign which also says Francavilla D’ete etc) This will take you to a big roundabout where you are turning left towards Corridonia.

You now stay on this road all the way to Francavilla D’ete. You will go up hill past Corridonia and then basically go up and down hills for about 15 mins. You are heading towards us and another town called Mogliano. After 15 mins the road splits — left to Francavilla and right to Mogliano — obviously go left (in fact you are staying on the same road) and you will soon be at Francavilla.

If you would like directions from another location please

Go past Francavilla towards Monte Giorgio and after 500 metres you will pass the cemetery on your right followed by open ground. Keep going and after a couple of bends you will pass more open ground on the right and immediately you will see a large green house on the right — less than 1km after the cemetery. Turn left opposite this house at the brown sign for Casal dei Fichi and you will go down a track around a house which looks like you are entering someone’s garden! The track leads to the left of, then behind the house and down the hill. You will then see us in all our glory and you can follow this track to Casal dei Fichi.


(*)If you want to stop off at a supermarket the easiest is IPER. As you leave the A14 motorway you cannot see it on your right next to the slip road as it has recently moved and they haven't taken the sign down yet! After the toll go right at the roundabout, left at the next roundabout and you will see it ahead of you. Don’t worry, this isn’t the nearest to us but it’s one of the nicest and it doesn’t close for lunch.

Don’t forget a euro for the trolley and remember if you are visiting in the Summer or Autumn our veg patch will be in full swing and at your disposal so don’t buy too many vegetables! We also provide salt and pepper, olive oil from our trees and at least a couple of eggs from our chicks. We have a couple of vineyards nearby which sell good wine at fantastic prices so no need to go mad on the vino either. Finally we provide free filtered still and fizzy water so please don’t buy water in plastic bottles.