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I am an artist originally from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, now living in Betws Yn Rhos; a
small village nestled in the hills of North Wales. When I was a teenager my father, who is
also an artist, used to take me out drawing the local landscape of South Wales with him, and
this is where my love of working with landscape started.

I studied a Fine Art Degree in Manchester, and a Tate Fellowship at the Tate Gallery in
Liverpool. After this, I worked in galleries, schools and colleges as Director of Visual
Performing Arts and Media before leaving to invest more time in my own work as an artist
and independent arts consultant.

In my work I try to capture the organic shapes and curves, and also the rapidly changing
light, working at speed to grasp the essence of the image. The mountains appear as if they
are alive and can breathe, bursting with colours and emerging patterns – at times there can
be great drama and power, and at other times there can be humour and quirkiness. The light
changes in different parts of the world; even in the UK, the light in Scotland is very different
to the light in Wales.

I have visited Casal Dei Fichi on two occasions. The beauty of the landscape, the heat, the
dusty white roads, the fireflies, the light and colours just buzzed together, transfixing me.
Inspiring me to make lots of studies in sketchbooks, and photographs. Working with the
landscape of Le Marche, surrounding Casal Dei Fichi, I set out to capture that moment when
you lift your head towards the sunshine and it makes you smile, or when you place your feet
on hot sand and look out to sea.

When Bob & Ian asked if I would be interested in displaying my paintings at Casal Dei Fichi,
I was thrilled. I love the concept of exhibiting my work in a domestic setting where people
can live with my paintings and have the opportunity to purchase them – to take a physical
part of their holiday back home.

I hope my paintings give you joy and that you have a wonderful time in Le Marche.

Love and light,

Jane x