When friendship is your business

Airbnb podcast host Debi Hertert chats to Bob about Casal dei Fichi and why we love what we do. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Paying it forward

Vacation rental podcaster Heather Bayer interviews Bob about our life here, our business philosophy and our green initiatives. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Star Throwers

An article about our green initiatives and how we got started in Marche. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

A Sense of Place

A TV crew from the US visits Casal dei Fichi to explore why it stands out as an exceptional holiday destination. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

G-Scene Magazine

Niche article describing how Casal dei Fichi and our environmental ethos extend a warm embrace to all guests. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Guardian

Our unique discovery on the amazing Conero Peninsular, also published here. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Sunday Times

Half term suggestions Featuring us amongst great places to have a spring half term holiday. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Daily Mirror

Homes from home Recommending us as a great home from home from a survey of self catering places in Europe. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Star Chic, Ireland

Taste of Italy More praise for the beauty and value of Marche and the unique appeal of Casal dei Fichi. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Woman’s Own Magazine

Bella Italia – Best for total relaxation Recommending some of the best spots in Italy including Casal dei Fichi. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

USA Today

Harvesting my solitary olive tree in Marche The delights of visiting Marche, particiapating in the olive harvest and enjoying our gourmet breaks and pizza evenings. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

South Wales Echo

Ten great Diamond Jubilee getaways Poppies and perfect pizza in Marche – recommending a stay at Casal dei Fichi. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Ecologist Magazine

Built and run with the environment in mind Describing ‘our impeccable green credentials’ Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Cronache Maceratesi

Gli inglesi scelgono Mogliano Recounting a Casal dei Fichi organised wedding in the local town. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Guardian

Where’s hot now? Recommending some sunny Autumn getaways including Casal dei Fichi Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Sunday Times

Holidays for two – for less than £1,000. Some of the smart places in Europe for sun and style without the crazy price tag. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Times

The best out of season breaks – Le marche: for the emptiness. Recommending our ‘designer’ apartments and the beauty of Marche Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

The Telegraph

Italy: an insider’s holiday guide.  Some Italian hotspots in 2010, including Casal dei Fichi. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

BA Highlife Magazine

Gastro Breaks: The olive harvest The latest gastro breaks that let you have a hands-on experience of the olive harvest. Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter

Italia Magazine

Marche with a view. A tour of some of the highlights of Le Marche, including Casal dei Fichi. (in Russian). Share…FacebookGoogle+Twitter