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Francavilla’s Got Lorraine.

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If you saw Lorraine Bowen on Britain’s Got Talent recently you are unlikely to have forgotten her.


There was no mistaking Lorraine’s quirky individual style on the small screen but to us she is most at home in more intimate venues where she readily interacts with the audience. We are lucky enough to have seen Lorraine perform several times over the last 20 years, including some very cosy spaces, like our dining room and a tent in our front garden.


Lorraine arrived as a surprise for Ian’s 40th birthday party, but the plan of performing in our small garden was thwarted by a summer storm so she set up her ironing board in our tiny London terraced house and gave her all in the humid heat.


The tent was actually a marquee here in Italy. We flew Lorraine out to entertain at our civil partnership, everybody loved her and it’s true to say that Francavilla d’Ete has never seen anything like it. Years ago we started collaborating on a song, we’ll let you know if it ever materialises.


It’s a shame that Lorraine didn’t go on to win but she was awarded the Golden Buzzer by David Walliams and catapulted into the semi-final. We really hope that the publicity has boosted her career. We always look out in case she’s performing when we are in London, you can never get enough crumble (or spinach!)

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  • Karen  14/07/2015 at 20:32

    And we loved seeing Lorraine at the Bestival in 2012. The highlight of the festival without doubt.

  • Lorraine Bowen  14/07/2015 at 18:15

    Thanks for the mention boys! YES! BGT has made a massive difference to my career – it was a bit of a social experiment – but doing 1.45 minutes of my original songs on TV twice has got me wearing sunglasses round towns most of the time! Unbelievable! Great memories or being at yours and WOW! is it really TEN YEARS!!!! Have another great ten years too!
    Lorraine Bowen!


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