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This week’s momentous ruling from the US Supreme Court reminds us that although Italy has far too many positive qualities to list, it still has plenty of opportunities to improve.

Now that the US constitution guarantees the right to same sex marriage, Italy’s lethargic government is once again proven as having much catching up to do with the rest of the civilised world. In a country where the sole purpose of government seems to provide obstacles; be it to business, transport or education, we are reminded again that happiness and respect are other ambitions it seeks to impede.

Luckily the reactionary attitude of successive legislatures is not reflected in the population. Our experiences are that everyone we meet is always hugely supportive, when we had been here just a few weeks an octogenarian neighbour asked us where our wives or even girlfriends were. Amazed when we replied we had none she asked “But who does your cooking and cleaning?” 10 years on she still waves cheerfully every time we drive past her house. Just like everyone else she is very happy to have us here and accepts us as the people we are.

Tonight our local vineyard Murola has an evening to celebrate its rosé wines, with a naturally pink theme. We shall go, and raise a glass of their delicious sparkling Jole agli Stati Uniti!

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