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Oberon joins the team.

obi 1

Aren’t I cute?

Hello, or as Bob and Ian say to me Hell-Obi, or Hell-Obi dobey doo. I think they are being friendly. Though life is so confusing for a little dog. Although Bob and Ian had hoped to revisit the dog rescue centre to help out, it is quite a way from Casal dei Fichi and they have been very busy. So their return visit was driven by the sad loss of my predecessor, Hattie.  When first we met I was just 6 weeks old and caged up with my abandoned siblings and Mum, they seemed a good bet so I nuzzled my way to the front and impressed myself on the puppy selection entourage. I was marked down as reserved and 3 weeks ago, when I was 12 weeks old, I moved to my new home at Casal dei Fichi.




dogs jamie

Me and Jakes with our new best mate.

WOW. Life at the kennel was kind, we were well fed, cleaned, exercised and loved. But nobody ever told us about the great big world outside. Within hours of arriving I found myself at my first pizza party, so many people wanting to cuddle me and give me just a few scraps. Since then I have been on walks, swam in the sea, travelled in an open top sports car and met more people than I ever imagined existed, all of whom have been kind and gentle to me, as well as a few more pizza parties, I don’t tell anyone about the scraps.

obi poang

My favourite armchair. (when nobody’s looking)

Best of all, I’ve met my new best friend, Jakes. Jakes is a monster of a dog, I can stand underneath his tummy, but he is gentler than any of the dogs at the kennels, I can climb on top of him and chew his ears and we chase each other around and around until we’re dizzy. He has taught me some really important things too, particularly the value of shoe redistribution, he likes to lay them out on the lawn but I prefer to collect them in my basket.

jakes bath

This is how Jakes fluffs up at the salon.

He wears a big thick coat, I’m more sensible, the Jack Russell part of my lineage seems to have dominated, so he gets very hot. Ian tried to get him clipped but the lady said that Border Collies aren’t suitable as their coat protects them, but she did give him a shampoo and blow dry to get all of the loose fur out. She said he was the loveliest dog she’s ever washed.

Jakes and I will keep blogging about all the exciting things going on around Casal dei Fichi, and every now and then we’ll let you know we are getting on too.


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  • Cynthia  21/07/2016 at 15:09

    You are one lucky dog Obi, to live with great people in a super place, and a new best friend too! Enjoy!

  • Lynn Mainwaring  21/07/2016 at 01:15

    Lovely story Obi I’m sure you will be very happy with Jakes and the boys at CDF. Bet you would love Lexi n Poppy they love tugging ears (theirs are very long n fluffy) n cuddles.

  • Anne Nicholas  20/07/2016 at 21:46

    You are a very lucky dog Obi and you are going to have a great time at CDF. I can’t wait to meet you so try not to grow too much so i pick you up for a cuddle x

    • Bob Ian  20/07/2016 at 22:10

      Thanks Anne, Jakes said you’re a kind doggie person and I’m always up for a cuddle.


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