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CRASH!! jake 2

As I sit down to write this a bowl comes tumbling off the coffee table. A small price to pay for having a new puppy at Casal dei Fichi.

Although we went to the pound with the intention of re-homing a sad abandoned dog that would struggle to find a new owner we realised that the restrictions imposed by our business make taking on a dog with an unknown, and potentially troubled history meant that it wasn’t really possible.

Not that there wasn’t plenty of competition, like Mao the lame young retriever who had a paw caught in a hunter’s trap. In a country where dogs are often badly treated it was heartening to see that the nearby pound in Tolentino is clean and the dogs are well cared for with decent runs and caring staff and volunteers.

Since we couldn’t take all 200 home we settled on one. A 4 month old, predominantly border collie, with maybe a bit of spaniel. It is amazing how quickly he has settled in, sleeping all night in the spare bathroom, adapting almost immediately to the outdoor toilet routine, friendly with guests and curious, but gentle with the cats. Hattie is coming to terms with him but she makes it clear who is in charge. It looks as if he is going to fit in very well at Casal dei Fichi, another dog who has landed on his paws.

And as for the other 199 that we left behind, inspired by our friends Di and Ron, we hope to get involved with the pound and help out there so we can check on their progress. There was another black and white pup who we very nearly took as well, hopefully when we return she will have found a good home, if not she may be coming to rejoin her old mate Jake.

Now – where are my shoes???

jake 1

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