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Environmental Sustainability Plus Win a Free Holiday at Casal dei Fichi

 Like everyone else we found ourselves thinking about so many things this year. Like have we got enough tablecloths and mocha coffee makers for the surge of Italian guests who we were delighted to welcome this summer. We’ve also been looking at ways that we can continue to make Casal dei Fichi even more environmentally sustainable.  We saw the industry and consumer environmental awards that we won this year as firstly as a great honour but then as a challenge as to what more we could do to be greener. 

It is encouraging to see more and more holiday businesses are acknowledging  the importance of being eco-friendly.  For many holidaymakers an environmentally responsible destination is now a key selection criterion.

This year we chose to work with Green Tourism to certify our green achievements to date but importantly to help us look at what else we could do on our green journey. Green Tourism is a wonderful example of an organisation of knowledgeable people committed to the best environmental practices. We were thrilled to receive a Gold Assessment Award but also pleased that they identified areas where we could be even stronger, often just by making minor adjustments with a major impact. Watch this space for our next steps!

Another organisation we’re delighted to team up with is My Green Pod, their philosophy is to hand-pick “heroes”  who they consider to be at the vanguard of the environmental revolution – including us!  Look out for their fabulous printed supplement in The Guardian newspaper this Friday (30/10)  or online here. Of course they feature many wonderful products and services to help you lead a greener life.

As part of our collaboration with My Green Pod we are running a free to enter competition to win a fabulous holiday at Casal dei Fichi worth £900 plus an additional £250 to cover some of your travel expenses. So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter.

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  • scotland davis  10/11/2020 at 20:59

    If you’ve ever wanted to holiday with family in Tuscany, you’re welcomed here like long-lost relations. No request is overlooked, every whim is obliged, & Jake is always happy to give escort to the hen house. You’ll be saying, “Alla prossima,” once you leave, eager to return.

    • Bob Ian  20/11/2020 at 10:32

      Thanks Scotland for your lovely comments. We hope life is treating you well. Stay safe


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